CEO & Founder Winston Charles

Toronto, Canada


Arbitrator / Mediator

Scholarly Research Interests:

Labour Relations and the Bio/Psychiatric Influences of Dysfunctional Behaviour in the Global Workforce

Winston Charles is an Arbitrator and Mediator, who has more than 20 years of experience in the Administrative justice community in Canada, and a scholarly and professional interest in: Ethics, Negotiations, Justice and Public Safety Policies.

As a leading Arbitrator, he served as Chair and Vice Chair for several tribunals to resolve numerous labor disputes or grievances between members of the Canadian labor force, and the decision makers for Canada’s Income Security Department

As a committed professional in the field of Ethics, Security, Negotiations & Accountability research and applications, he has written several courses and seminars on:

  • The Principles Of Business Negotiation
  • Ethics
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Compliance
  • Risk Management
  • Fiduciary
  • Security

These seminars help NGOs, Fortune 500 Corporations and Governments to resolve disputes. They arrive at settlements that can preserve the Organizations credibility with its clients, partners, stake holders, competitors, or staff in a highly litigious global economy.



  • CEO York University Student Services
    Policy Advisor York University


  • Arbitration & Mediation Institute of Ontario
    Negotiated and Mediated settlements to avoid legal Hearings between Crown employees, Unions and the Government of Ontario


  • Adjudicator for the Ontario’s Ministry of the Attorney General
    Conducting Hearings and made decisions to resolve disputes involving law enforcement officers who represented 180 police forces in Ontario.

Professional Development Training

  • Third-Party Bargaining & Labour Negotiations Principles
    Sponsored by Education Relations Commission of Ontario
  • Mediation Collective Bargaining Training
    Sponsored by Ontario Employees Grievance Settlement Board
  • Arbitration Training
    Sponsored by Ministry of Labour
  • Adjudication Training
    Sponsored by Ministry of the Attorney General
  • Insurance & Legal Liability Awareness & Grant Making Principles
    Sponsored by May Tree Foundation

Past Memberships:

  • Arbitration & Mediation Institute of Ontario
  • Society of Adjudicators & Regulators
  • Conference of Ontario Boards & Agencies
  • Canadian Resource Bank for Democracy & Human Rights
  • Department of Foreign Affairs


Dear Mr. Charles:

Please let me take a moment to convey to you my personal appreciation for the opportunity I have had to work with you in many important questions of University like…

I want you to know that your service to the University is both admired and greatly appreciated.

- Dr. T.A Meininger
York University

Dear Winston,

I have at last had an opportunity to study your feasibility report and I am writing to congratulate you on providing us with an excellent document. It will be invaluable to us in the further discussions.

- Dr. Stephen Griew
Atkinson College
York University

Dear Winston,

I must say that your effective presentation went straight to the heart of the subjective and objective consequences of systemic discrimination. You have my gratitude for arranging to share your insights in an unforgettable way. Your work is our benefit.

- Professor Gregory Malszecki
Sociology Department
Stong College
York University

Dear Winston,

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for participating in our employment equity work shop series. As the students who followed presentation clearly stated they saw the need for their status to be taken into consideration within the context of the curriculum. Again thanks for participating.

- Dalyce Newby
The Inter-cultural Centre
Humber College

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