Why Are Marriages Failing in the World Today?

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Today’s topic: Marriage:

Studies show that over 50% of All Marriages Fail In Western Countries and every thirty two seconds a child in the US will witness his/her parents divorce.

Tell us why you think Marriages are Failing in the world today, and what it is that married couples should do to stop the suffering that divorce causes.

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12 Responses to Why Are Marriages Failing in the World Today?

  1. Patricia Pommet says:

    Because people don’t dialogue between them selves but haste into getting advise from outside sources when they fell misunderstood by their partner. This will not necesarily help to tighten their relationship but on the contrary might contribute to end the marriage too soon before giving each other a chance to open the dialogue and find ways to save the marriage.

    • Darryl Johnston says:

      Communication is absolutely key. An outside source helps mediate and the need for patience of the process is a complete necessity.

  2. Darryl Johnston says:

    I believe those people who get married and then divorced do it because they feel like they have to. Many people tend to feel “trapped” and believe the person they’re with currently is the “best they will get” and prefer not to lose them. They then realize their mistake and their children (if applicable) are the ones that suffer.

  3. Jerry Bartholomew says:

    Marriages fail in America for the same reasons that they fail anywhere else. The possible reasons are too many to list. However, there are some generalities that can be mentioned. To begin, there is an increase in the acceptance of behaviors and attitudes that were unacceptable before. There is also an increase in selfishness and self-love, and a decrease in the love for, and fear of, God. Finally, there are two words that, to me, plague marriages these days more than anything else, they are: independence and egalitarianism. I think that they are taken to their extremes.

  4. Ann Karel says:

    Social and generational mindsets have marred the meaning of love too often. I want to be loved expectations are not balanced by I want to love intentions. Love and sex swirl in a shallow pool that quickly evaporates. Independant means and goals isolate people to pursue, only their own goals. As we are entertained by the devaluation of humanity; love too becomes an object of scorn. The unhealed marry the unhealed and life goes on and on.
    People have always been plagued by too much choice or none at all.
    Sacrifice, commitment, and loyalty are words that have lost their meaning in the arena of self-serving and sadly desperate love.

  5. Abraham Robertson says:

    I think lots of marriage fail because couples think once they become marride, they do not have to do or continue to do the basic things that created the relationship in the beginning that brought them together.once they get marride and settle down, they start to take each other for granted(they become complacent).They start to disrespect each other, they do not communicute anymore, because they think now that they are married they’re in it for life and that their partner will stay but what they do not realise is that people have feelings and emotions and if peoples are not getting love and attention on a regular basic instead, they are getting abuse, being taken for granted, no communication etc they will no longer see the need to be with that person. couples MUST continue to show love,respect,loyalty to each other in marriage the same way they would show these things when they were going through the dating or courtship process. I know its hard but that is what it take.We have to work hard to maintain a marriage the same way we work hard to win someone heart in the beginning.

  6. ramona haynes says:

    i think marriages are failing today cause today’s new married couple are not sticking to the core values as to what marriage is really meant to be.Marriage is for better or for worse and when its better people stick around but when it gets worse they leave or want to end the marriage. most married couples in this generation lack or are not willing to develope the patience and do what it takes to build a solid marriage. It seens like no body whats to go throught the tough times.Peole only wants to stay in a marriage when things are good and rosey-they are lazy.

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